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Our stylists represent 45 years of the very best in salon services. We are educated by Toni and Guy the Trend setters of the World. At Fabulous Salon the Client is the most important person. Our education is the second most important after the Client. Fabulous Salon invites you to come and experience the very best in Salon Services.

Adam Casteel

About The Owner!

Adam Casteel has been a cosmetologist since 1983. In his 31 year career, Adam’s love for the salon industry has become evident in his success as one of the most respected hair stylists in the Hot Springs area. Adam prides himself in providing the best quality, up-to-date hair styles available today.

After being educated by Framesi Hair Color of Milan, Italy, Adam became an educator for Framesi USA and taught his peers throughout the southern United States in the art of hair coloring. Noticing a lack of quality in hair color training in beauty colleges in the United States, Adam developed a hair color training manual called “Five Salon Steps to Fabulous Hair Color”. Adam has sold over 3000 copies of this manual so far.

Adam has also received extensive hair cutting training by Toni & Guy of London, England, one of the most fashionable hair companies in the world. The training included precision cutting, including modern classics and graduation skills.

Adam has managed and owned three salons in Hot Springs. In his most recent endeavor, Adam purchased a 2700 sq. ft. home at 900 Higdon Ferry Rd in Hot Springs and remodeled it into one of the most beautiful contemporary salons in area, “You Look Fabulous Salon”! Adam and his 9 associate are dedicated to providing the very best salon services and hair care products in the Hot Springs area.

In his free time, Adam enjoys going to the gym, playing basketball, and visiting his almost 1-year-old grandson, Noah.

Victoria Hooten

Professional Hair Stylist

Trina Ridley

Professional Hair Stylist